Dating Libran

Dating A Libra Man: Overview. If you are looking for a man that is even-tempered and balanced in his approach to life, the Libra man is the perfect date for you. He thrives on maintaining harmony in a relationship and is concerned with the well-being of everyone around him. Dating A Libra Woman: Overview. The most important thing to the Libra woman is balance. So if you’re interested in dating her, it’s crucial to maintain harmony in your relationship. Be prepared to work as hard as she does to refrain from drama or uncomfortable moments, for she will not give up until they’re gone. So here’s what you need to know about what it's like to love and be loved by a Libra woman. 1. We’re a little out there. 'Middle' Libras, born somewhere between October 4 and 13, are just ... Dating a Libra is divine. This is a sign that desires balance in the cosmic universe, whether that's a bizarre thought or entirely sincere. A Libra will care about the state of the relationship quite dearly. The Libra is a social sign by nature, looking for how to find the greatest friends so on and so forth. The sign of Libra is a sign of relationships and they often have a mission to teach others about relating to one another. When two Libras start dating, it might be difficult for them to find a purpose of their contact, for they both seem to share a mission and a goal that is connected to other people. If they find a meeting point, combining ... The Libra can be a woman of society who knows how to handle people and situations. Gracious, she only likes the finest things in life. Her symbol in the zodiac is the scales.And it couldn’t have been a more accurate symbol as this sign is balanced and down-to-earth. Needless to say, the lovely Libra really has it all, and there are more than a few things you should know about the Libra before dating them. 1. A Libra is a hopeless romantic. dating a libra man - what you really need to know! If you’re dating a Libra man, congratulations! Welcome to the friendliest, the most charming and the most diplomatic of all the Star Signs – the man least likely to pick a fight, most willing to give and take, and by far the easiest to get on with in the entire Zodiac. Dating A Libra Man: Do You Have What It Takes? Understand how he dates and what he likes in a woman so you can start the relationship on the right foot. 7k Views 0 Shares. Share Tweet. If you want to date the Libra man, find a way for balance in between what makes you both different and what makes you similar. dating a libra woman - what you really need to know! If you’re dating a Libra woman, congratulations! Welcome to the friendliest, the most charming and the most diplomatic of all the Star Signs – the woman least likely to pick a fight, most willing to give and take, and by far the easiest to get on with in the entire Zodiac.

Future Prediction by date of birth: Effects Saturn Transit

2020.08.13 08:56 horoscopespecialist Future Prediction by date of birth: Effects Saturn Transit

Future Prediction by date of birth: Effects Saturn Transit
Want to know How will be your Future Life? How transit of Saturn can affect you? Free accurate future prediction by date of birth and time will give you the exact effects according to Zodiac sign. Come in and know what you should do for negative effects.
With the beginning of the new year, we are going to experience a significant groundbreaking planetary occasion and a noteworthy visionary marvel. The intense drill sergeant and disciplinary teacher, Saturn is going to make its amazing travel in the Capricorn moon sign according to Vedic crystal gazing. Presently, what is so colossal about this? This isn't only an ordinary travel. The planet is returning to its own sign following 30 years of short-lived movements in other zodiac signs! It’s like a homecoming, right? This travel is going to begin from January 23, 2020, and Saturn will continue advancing and retrograding in the sign for around two years.

Impacts of Saturn on your Kundali

At the point when Saturn is well-positioned in one's horoscope, the local will in general become a researcher with great correspondence powers. At the point when it is malefic, it has the forces to try and transform gold into remains. Then again, in the event that it is charitable, its endowments fortunes throughout everyday life.
Future prediction says Locals with a valuable Saturn have great prospects of seeking after a profession in the exchange, regardless of whether it is identified with hardware, cowhide, concrete, heater, wood, elastic, and so on.
Be that as it may, Saturn put in a troublesome way can make the individual face battles throughout everyday life. They can experience the ill effects of medical problems, essentially identified with the stomach related framework, stomach, and nutritious trench. They are likewise liable to lose riches or be misled to lawful issues throughout everyday life. Find out about the solutions to nullify the terrible impact of Saturn in your horoscope in Exact future predictions free report

What this Saturn travel in Capricorn 2020 methods for you?

According to accurate astrology Predictions free report, Saturn is viewed as a coach and an exacting slave driver who causes an individual to learn noteworthy exercises in life through different encounters which can be either joyful or unfeeling. It is accepted that Saturn is the best instructor taking all things together. As Saturn rules Capricorn sign, its travel would make an extraordinary mix. Capricorn is additionally alluded to as 'Father of the zodiac' as it has its own particular manners of making individuals move in the direction of their objectives after an arranged execution. Consequently, when the disciplinarian itself advances into the place that is known for power and control, it would resemble your own mark vast occasion. Get your Future prediction by date of birth.

What is the planning of Saturn travel in Capricorn?

As per Free accurate future prediction by date of birth and time, Saturn is going to leave the zodiac sign Sagittarius and travel to its own sign Capricorn on January 23, 2020, at around 22:27 hours. It will at that point get into retrograde movement between May 10, 2020, and September 29, 2020. The travel will proceed till April 28, 2022.
The Saturn travel in Capricorn is going to give good outcomes to a couple of zodiac signs and to the others, it might give a difficult time. How about we perceive how the zodiac signs will be affected during this stage. Take a look at below paragraph to know how it will affect you by your zodiac sign


Saturn is the Lord of the tenth and eleventh house in the birth graph of Aries. It is traveling into the tenth house this time. This is a crucial journey for you as this house centers around the satisfaction of objectives. You should take your vitality levels to a more eager level. Notwithstanding, you have to stay cautious about money-related choices. Need to find out about what the planet has for you? Get The most accurate horoscope predictions free.


The Lord of the ninth and tenth house, Saturn will make its travel through the ninth house in the Taurians' introduction to the world diagram. Because of its travel in this house, you will be more disposed to strict and otherworldly excursions. The travel will assist you with maintaining compatibility with encompassing individuals. Do you have an advancement anticipating at work in the following stage? Get free Instant future prediction report.


For the Geminis, Saturn is the leader of the eighth and ninth house. You will be under the effect of Dhaiya (little panoti) as Saturn is traveling to the eighth house in your graph. Begin arranging your profession with a more slanted demeanor as the planet will test your assurance. Be valiant and certain enough to confront circumstances during the travel stage. Get A detailed life predictions free report on Saturn transit by your date of birth.


Saturn is the Lord of the seventh and eighth house for you. It will go into the seventh house (place of organizations) in your introduction to the world graph. You should keep tolerance in your conjugal life as the travel may make disbalance in it. It will be remunerating for you to develop new abilities in your expert life. This will be a decent an ideal opportunity to return to your past activities invocation and gain from your mix-ups. Is it true that you are probably going to find a new line of work move or advancement in office? Get Free Astrology Prediction for career.


For the Leos, Saturn runs the sixth and seventh house in your introduction to the world diagram. It will travel through the sixth place of rivals. Because of this, you should utilize class and have quiet discussions with your bosses. You are recommended to design your accounts as there are some sudden costs anticipated. As the travel advances, Saturn will have a few amazements for you. Get a Personal Future prediction.


Saturn is the decision planet of the fifth and sixth house for the Virgos and this time it is traveling to the fifth house. Till January 23, 2020, you will be under the impacts of Dhaiya (little panoti of Saturn). Because of this, a few issues identified with residential or public activity would have come up in the last 2.5 years. Presently, your Dhaiya stage will get over in the moving toward travel. By what means will your general life way be in the up and coming travel stage? Get an Accurate life prediction by date of birth free report and know your upcoming.


According to Indian Vedic astrology, Saturn is the Lord of the fourth and fifth house for the Librans. You will be affected by Dhaiya (little panoti) as Saturn is traveling to the fourth house in your horoscope. Being the planet of impediments, it will cause you to feel confined. Be that as it may, you should keep your assurance and confidence first rate. Will the stage assist you with accomplishing a higher rise in your career? Predict your future free online to know about your career.


According to Indian astrology by date of birth For the Scorpions, Saturn is the Lord of the third and fourth house. You will be under the impacts of Sade Sati till January 23, 2020. So, you would have encountered money related limitations. After this stage, Saturn will travel through the third house in your introduction to the world outline. This is by all accounts a productive time for your profession. Do you have an advancement coming your direction? Get full report using free wealth Prediction by date of birth and time.


Free future prediction by date of birth says Saturn is the leader of the second and third house for Sagittarians. You will be affected by the second period of Sade Sati till January 23, 2020. You may have confronted a log jam invocation or marriage related issues because of this. After this, the third Sade Sati stage will begin with Saturn's travel to the second house in your horoscope. Does the forthcoming stage have some brilliant open doors for you? You can know the answer to this type of question in the Free future prediction report.


Accurate astrology predictions free report says The Lord of the first and second house, Saturn is going into the first house (place of self) in your introduction to the world graph. It is returning to Capricorn moon sign practically following 30 monotonous years. You will enter the second period of Sade Sati in this travel. The faith in yourself and solid self-assurance will come in picture while dealing with testing circumstances.


Saturn is the decision planet of the first and twelfth house for Aquarians. It will make its travel through the twelfth house (place of movement and costs). It's the first period of Sade Sati for you. You will be relied upon to work more viably than expected. Testing circumstances at work may come upon occasion.


Saturn is the Lord of the eleventh and twelfth house. It will travel through the eleventh one that is the place of additions. This is by all accounts a decent stage for your expert life. You will be more dedicated and furthermore have great associations with your subordinates. Is the travel ideal for the money related front? Know your future stats with this Free Tamil astrology Full life prediction.
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2018.03.21 15:42 myfreehoroscopes Daily horoscope for March 21 2018 -

Horoscope for March 21 2018 Aries
You've been working hard to improve your financial situation, Aries. You might be on the verge of attaining what you want, but temporary obstacles could get in your way. You could be in a bit of a panic, wondering if this means you will never get where you want to be. Don't worry. That isn't the case. You just need to assess the situation and figure out what to do to get over this hurdle.
Horoscope for March 21 2018 Taurus
It will be make or break today in terms of a couple of important relationships, be they friendships or related to matters of the heart. The chance to forge bonds or let go completely will be there; you’ll just need to be clear in your mind the direction in which you wish to move!
Horoscope for March 21 2018 Gemini
This is a wonderful time to organize your time and fit in all the things you normally don't get to do for yourself. Make this week a week of self-pampering! Do whatever it is that you normally put off because it is "indulgent" or time-consuming. Make the time to indulge yourself! Hair, skin, feet, hands, body, the more pampering the better! You are a natural born worker - and a little TLC will not jeopardize your work ethic! It's all about looking and feeling your best. Go for it!
Horoscope for March 21 2018 Cancer
Conversations in the workplace will escalate into terrible arguments that may very well rage out of control. The other extreme is that people may become silent and withhold valuable information that they know you need. Both are harmful.
Horoscope for March 21 2018 Leo
With today's celestial atmosphere, you are caught in a dilemma: the old way of romancing or a new way? You may not even be aware of what is happening. Part of you wants to buy a beautiful present, or impress your date with your drop-dead gorgeous looks, while the other half is hell bent on trying out an intellectual approach to love. Any bets as to which is most likely to win?
Horoscope for March 21 2018 Virgo
There are a lot of work pressures on you right now and this is likely to be made worse by your current state of mind. The position of the planets means that you are increasingly drawn to think about spiritual matters rather than the mundane day to day chores that need completing before the end of the week!
Horoscope for March 21 2018 Libra
There is a tendency among all Librans to get terribly over excited, and this is when quite positive progress can begin to reverse. The key word for you today should be moderation. If you can control your urge to go over the top then this could be a day to remember for all the right reasons!
Horoscope for March 21 2018 Scorpio
It is looking likely that you’ll be in the mood for drinking in culture, particularly anything that incorporates foreign customs and the exotic. Maybe you’re yearning already for a holiday abroad: get a selection of glossy brochures and start planning a vacation with a difference!
Horoscope for March 21 2018 Sagittarius
Some friends associated with a group you admire might take you to some kind of rally, Sagittarius. This could be a lot of fun for you. You could make some new friends. You're naturally inclined toward humanitarian concerns, and these might be the focus of some animated discussions today. Take in all the information and consider it later. Right now your mind is overwhelmed!
Horoscope for March 21 2018 Capricorn
With today's planetary aspects, Aquarius, you're likely to feel a rush of love. This includes love for family, friends, partner, and all life forms. The reality of spiritual advancement through love is all around you. Your artistic sensibilities are very high, so you might want to write, draw, or paint something that captures your thoughts and feelings.
Horoscope for March 21 2018 Aquarius
You're feeling especially loving and passionate, Pisces, and likely to want to pursue a romantic encounter with the special person in your life. Money matters look positive, as your intuition regarding money management has been working well and is likely to continue. Your psychic and intuitive faculties are wide open and receptive. Don't be surprised by what you pick up today, even from strangers.
Horoscope for March 21 2018 Pisces
You may find it difficult to be patient with loved ones today as there are a number of pressures on you at this time. Try and remember that your close friends and family are on your side and you may find it easy to keep your sense of tension to yourself, a few deep breaths may be helpful!
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2017.06.20 08:04 tombstoneshadows28 All of the MPAA/CARA-rated films of 2012 (out of the 8,309 films released worldwide that year.)

  1. Chasing Rodriguez (Director: Jeff Mosley)
  2. Journey To The Christmas Star (Director: Nils Gaup)
  3. Life’s A Jungle: Africa’s Most Wanted (Director: Robert D. Hanna)
  4. Little Brother, Big Trouble: A Christmas Adventure (Directors: Kari Juusonen, Jørgen Lerdam)
  5. Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups (Director: Robert Vince)
  6. Secret Of The Wings (Directors: Roberts Gannaway + Peggy Holmes)
  7. The Oogieloves In The Big Balloon Adventure (Director: Matthew Diamond)
  8. This Shining Light (Directors: Keith Oncale + Shawn Washburn)
  9. Vampire Dog (Director: Geoff Anderson)
  10. Wings (Director: Olga Lopato)
  11. Zambezia (Director: Wayne Thornley)
  1. 12 Dogs Of Christmas: Great Puppy Rescue (Director: Kieth Merrill)
  2. 16-Love (Director: Adam Lipsius)
  3. 40 Point Plan (Director: Eric. W. Williams)
  4. Abel’s Field (Director: Gordie Haakstad)
  5. Adventure Planet (Director: Kompin Kemgumnird)
  6. AquaTales (Directors: Ivan Oneka + Gorka Vázquezj)
  7. Back To The Sea (Director: Thom Lu)
  8. Backwards (Director: Ben Hickernell)
  9. Big Miracle (Director: Ken Kwapis)
  10. Bol Bachchan (Director: Rohit Shetty)
  11. Brave (Directors: Mark Andrews, Brenda Chapman + Steve Purcell)
  12. Champions Of The Deep (Director: Baxter Churchville)
  13. Charly 10th Anniversary Encore (Director: Adam Thomas Anderegg)
  14. Chasing Mavericks (Directors: Michael Apted + Curtis Hanson)
  15. Cheerful Weather For The Wedding (Director: Donal Rice)
  16. Chick Magnets (Director: Brian Douros)
  17. Christmas Oranges (Director: John Lyde)
  18. Cinderella 3D (Director: Pascal Hérold)
  19. Cinnamon (Director: Jordi Mariscal)
  20. Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away (Director: Andrew Adamson)
  21. Cole Younger & The Black Train (Director: Christopher Forbes)
  22. Cowgirls ‘n Angels (Director: Timothy Armstrong)
  23. Crazy Enough (Director: Lance McDaniel)
  24. Delhi Safari (Director: Nikkhil Advani)
  25. Derby Dogs (Director: Tony Simpson)
  26. Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Dog Days (Director: David Bowers)
  27. Dino Time (Directors: Yoon-suk Choi + John Kafka)
  28. Dorothy And The Witches Of Oz (Director: Leigh Scott)
  29. Ekk Deewana Tha (Director: Gautham Menon)
  30. Ernest & Celestine (Directors: Stéphane Aubier, Vincent Patar + Benjamin Renner)
  31. Fill The Void (Director: Rama Burshtein)
  32. Foodfight! (Director: Lawrence Kasanoff)
  33. Frankenweenie (Director: Tim Burton)
  34. Gladiators Of Rome (Director: Iginio Straffi)
  35. Heart Land (Director: Fred Holmes)
  36. Hercules Saves Christmas (Director: Edward Hightower)
  37. Here Comes The Boom (Director: Frank Coraci)
  38. Hotel Transylvania (Director: Genndy Tartakovsky)
  39. I Heart Shakey (Director: Kevin Cooper)
  40. Ice Age: Continental Drift (Directors: Steve Martino + Mike Thurmeier)
  41. Ivan The Incredible (Director: Michael Hegner)
  42. Jonas (Director: Adam Rehmeier)
  43. Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (Director: Brad Peyton)
  44. Last Ounce Of Courage (Directors: Darrel Campbell + Kevin McAfee)
  45. Life Of Pi (Director: Ang Lee)
  46. Little Red Wagon (Director: David Anspaugh)
  47. Madagascar III: Europe’s Most Wanted (Directors: Eric Darnell, Tom McGrath + Conrad Vernon)
  48. Madam Butterfly 3D (Director: Julian Napier)
  49. Mirror Mirror (Director: Tarsem Singh)
  50. Not That Funny (Director: Lauralee Farrer)
  51. Outback (Director: Kyung Ho Lee)
  52. Papa (Director: Ji-Seung Han)
  53. ParaNorman (Directors: Chris Butler + Sam Fell)
  54. Parental Guidance (Director: Andy Fickman)
  55. Primates Of The Caribbean (Marco Macaco) (Director: Jan Rahbek)
  56. Rise Of The Guardians (Director: Peter Ramsey)
  57. Sky Force 3D (Director: Tony Tang)
  58. Smitty (Director: David Mickey Evans)
  59. Snow Queen (Directors: Vladlen Barbe + Maksim Sveshnikov)
  60. Stealing Roses (Director: Megan Clare Johnson)
  61. The Adventures Of Huck Finn (Director: Hermine Huntgeburth)
  62. The Adventures Of Mickey Matson And The Copperhead Treasure (Director: Harold Cronk)
  63. The Robot Giant (Director: Prapas Cholsaranont)
  64. The Illusionauts (Director: Eduardo Schuldt)
  65. The Lorax (Directors: Chris Renaud + Kyle Balda)
  66. The Magic Of Belle Isle (Director: Rob Reiner)
  67. The Odd Life Of Timothy Green (Director: Peter Hedges)
  68. The Pirates! Band Of Misfits (Directors: Peter Lord + Jeff Newitt)
  69. The Reef II: High Tide (Directors: Mark A.Z. Dippé + Taedong Park)
  70. The Swan Princess Christmas (Director: Richard Rich)
  71. The Three Stooges (Directors: Bobby Farrelly + Peter Farrelly)
  72. The Woodcarver (Director: Terry Ingram)
  73. Thunderstruck (Director: John Whitesell)
  74. Unicorn City (Director: Bryan Lefler)
  75. Victor and the Secret of Crocodile Mansion (Directors: Cyrill Boss + Philipp Stennert)
  76. Wadjda (Director: Haifaa Al-Mansour)
  77. We Are Family (Director: Renat Davletyarov)
  78. White Men Can’t Dance (Director: Pete Vinal)
  79. Wolf Children (Director: Mamoru Hosoda)
  80. Wolf Dog (Director: Bernadine Santistevan)
  81. Won’t Back Down (Director: Daniel Barnz)
  82. Wordlessness (Director: Daryush Shokof)
  83. Wreck-It Ralph (Director: Rich Moore)
  1. A Beautiful Soul (Director: Jeffrey W. Byrd)
  2. A Measure Of Faith (Director: Dalas Davis)
  3. A Thousand Words (Director: Brian Robbins)
  4. After (Director: Ryan Smith)
  5. Alex Cross (Director: Rob Cohen)
  6. Amour (Director: Michael Haneke)
  7. Angus Buchan’s Ordinary People (Director: F.C. Hamman)
  8. Atlas Shrugged II: The Strike (Director: John Putch)
  9. Barbara (Director: Christian Petzold)
  10. Barricade (Director: Andrew Currie)
  11. Battlefield America (Director: Chris Stokes)
  12. Battleship (Director: Peter Berg)
  13. Beasts Of The Southern Wild (Director: Benh Zeitlin)
  14. Bending The Rules (Director: Artie Mandelberg)
  15. Best Man Down (Director: Ted Koland)
  16. Beyond (Director: Josef Rusnak)
  17. Blue Like Jazz (Director: Steve Taylor)
  18. Chinese Zodiac (Director: Jackie Chan)
  19. Christmas In Compton (Director: David Raynr)
  20. Chronicle (Director: Josh Trank)
  21. Columbus Circle (Director: George Gallo)
  22. Croczilla (Director: Lisheng Lin)
  23. Crooked Arrows (Director: Steve Rash)
  24. Crossroad (Director: Shervin Youssefian)
  25. Dark Shadows (Director: Tim Burton)
  26. Dark Tide (Director: John Stockwell)
  27. Darling Companion (Director: Lawrence Kasdan)
  28. Deadline (Director: Curt Hahn)
  29. Deep In The Heart (Director: Christopher Cain)
  30. Desperate Endeavors (Director: Salim Khassa)
  31. Emperor (Director: Peter Webber)
  32. Firefall: An Epic Family Adventure (Director: Matthew Sconce)
  33. Frequency (Director: Jeff Prince)
  34. Fun Size (Director: Josh Schwartz)
  35. Gambit (Director: Michael Hoffman)
  36. General Education (Director: Tom Morris)
  37. Ginger & Rosa (Director: Sally Potter)
  38. Girl Most Likely (Directors: Shari Springer Berman + Robert Pulcini)
  39. Girl In Progress (Director: Patricia Riggen)
  40. Gone (Director: Heitor Dhalia)
  41. Good Deeds (Director: Tyler Perry)
  42. Great Expectations (Director: Mike Newell)
  43. Greencastle (Director: Koran Dunbar)
  44. Hardflip (Director: Johnny Remo)
  45. Hatfields And McCoys: Bad Blood (Director: Fred Olen Ray)
  46. Hattrick (Director: Robert Ronny)
  47. Haute Cuisine (Director: Christian Vincent)
  48. Hitchcock (Director: Sacha Gervasi)
  49. Hope Springs (Director: David Frankel)
  50. House At The End Of The Street (Director: Mark Tonderai)
  51. Iniquity (Director: Joshua Coates)
  52. Jack Reacher (Director: Christopher McQuarrie)
  53. John Carter (Director: Andrew Stanton)
  54. Joyful Noise (Director: Todd Graff)
  55. Judge Archer (Director: Haofeng Xu)
  56. Kon-Tiki (Directors: Joachim Rønning + Espen Sandberg)
  57. LOL (Director: Lisa Azuelos)
  58. Le Chef (Director: Daniel Cohen)
  59. Les Misérables (Director: Tom Hooper)
  60. Liberal Arts (Director: Josh Radnor)
  61. Lincoln (Director: Steven Spielberg)
  62. Lockout (Director: James Mather + Stephen St. Leger)
  63. London Paris New York (Director: Anu Menon)
  64. Madea’s Witness Protection (Director: Tyler Perry)
  65. Man On A Ledge (Director: Asger Leth)
  66. Margarine Wars (Director: David Rich)
  67. Moonrise Kingdom (Director: Wes Anderson)
  68. Mr. Pip (Director: Andrew Adamson)
  69. Much Ado About Nothing (Director: Joss Whedon)
  70. Mud (Director: Jeff Nichols)
  71. My Uncle Rafael (Director: Marc Fusco)
  72. Nesting (Director: John Chuldenko)
  73. No One Will Know (Director: Raj Rohit Reddy)
  74. Now Is Good (Director: Ol Parker)
  75. One For The Money (Director: Julie Anne Robinson)
  76. People Like Us (Director: Alex Kurtzman)
  77. Pitch Perfect (Director: Jason Moore)
  78. Playing For Keeps (Director: Gabriel Muccino)
  79. Premium Rush (Director: David Koepp)
  80. Quartet (Director: Dustin Hoffman)
  81. Red Dawn (Director: Dan Bradley)
  82. Red Tails (Director: Anthony Hemingway)
  83. Refugee From The Storm (Director: Elias Acosta)
  84. Robot & Frank (Director: Jake Schreier)
  85. Rock Of Ages (Director: Adam Shankman)
  86. Roxy (Director: Larry Giorgio)
  87. Saints And Soldiers: Airborne Creed (Director: Ryan Little)
  88. Shanghai Calling (Director: Daniel Hsia)
  89. Skyfall (Director: Sam Mendes)
  90. Sleepwalk With Me (Directors: Mike Birbiglia + Seth Barrish)
  91. Snow White (Director: Pablo Berger)
  92. Snow White And The Huntsman (Director: Rupert Sanders)
  93. Snow White: A Deadly Summer (Director: David DeCoteau)
  94. So Undercover (Director: Tom Vaughn)
  95. Sol (Director: Ben Carland)
  96. Spare Time Killers (Director: Jay Tando)
  97. Sparkle (Director: Salim Akil)
  98. Step Up: Revolution (Director: Scott Speer)
  99. Still Mine (Director: Michael McGowan)
  100. Swan Lake (Directors: Ross MacGibbon + Matthew Bourne)
  101. Tai Chi Zero (Director: Stephen Fung)
  102. Taken II (Director: Olivier megaton)
  103. The Amazing Spider-Man (Director: Marc Webb)
  104. The Apparition (Director: Todd Lincoln)
  105. The Avengers (Director: Joss Whedon)
  106. The Bourne Legacy (Director: Tony Gilroy)
  107. The Citizen (Director: Sam Kadi)
  108. The Cold Light Of Day (Director: Mabrouk El Mechri)
  109. The Dark Night Rises (Director: Christopher Nolan)
  110. The Dinosaur Project (Director: Sid Bennett)
  111. The First Time (Director: Jon Kasdan)
  112. The Fitzgerald Family Christmas (Director: Edward Burns)
  113. The Forger (Director: Lawrence Roeck)
  114. The Frontier Boys (Director: John Grooters)
  115. The Frozen (Director: Andrew Hyatt)
  116. The Giant Mechanical Man (Director: Lee Kirk)
  117. The Girl (Director: David Riker)
  118. The Guilt Trip (Director: Anne Fletcher)
  119. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (Director: Peter Jackson)
  120. The Impossible (Director: J.A. Bayona)
  121. The Lucky One (Director: Scott Hicks)
  122. The Message (Director: Thomas P. Clay)
  123. The Mine (Director: Jeff Chamberlain)
  124. The Obama Effect (Director: Charles S. Dutton)
  125. The Other Son (Director: Lorraine Lévy)
  126. The Perks Of Being A Wallflower (Director: Stephen Chbosky)
  127. The Possession (Director: Ole Bornedal)
  128. The Sapphires (Director: Wayne Blair)
  129. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn (Pt. 2) (Director: Bill Condon)
  130. The Vow (Director: Michael Sucsy)
  131. The Woman In Black (Director: James Watkins)
  132. The Words (Directors: Brian Klugman + Lee Sternthal)
  133. The Worm And The Poodle (Director: Amy Thorstenson)
  134. Think Like A Man (Director: Tim Story)
  135. Tiger Eyes (Director: Lawrence Blume)
  136. To Write Love On Her Arms (Director: Nathan Frankowski)
  137. Total Recall (Director: Len Wiseman)
  138. Trade Of Innocents (Director: Christopher M. Bessette)
  139. Transit (Director: Antonio Negret)
  140. Trouble With The Curve (Director: Robert Lorenz)
  141. Unconditional (Director: Brent McCorkle)
  142. Unfinished Song (Director: Paul Andrew Williams)
  143. Unleashing Roy (Director: Jack Stanis)
  144. Unstable (Director: Michael Feifer)
  145. Unwitting Victims (Director: Peter Winter Byington)
  146. Upside Down (Director: Juan Solanas)
  147. Vamps (Director: Amy Heckerling)
  148. War Flowers (Director: Serge Rodnunsky)
  149. War Of The Worlds: Goliath (Director: Joe Pearson)
  150. What To Expect When You’re Expecting (Director: Kirk Jones)
  151. Woman Thou Art Loosed: On the 7th Day (Director: Neema Barnette)
  152. Wrath Of The Titans (Director: Jonathan Liebesman)
  1. 100 Ghost Street: The Return Of Richard Speck (Director: Martin Wichmann)
  2. 12/12/12 (Director: Jared Cohn)
  3. 2 Days In New York (Director: Julie Delpy)
  4. 21 Jump Street (Directors: Phil Lord + Christopher Miller)
  5. 30 Beats (Director: Alexis Lloyd)
  6. 6 Bullets (Director: Ernie Barbarash)
  7. 6 Plots (Director: Leigh Sheehan)
  8. 7 Below (Director: Kevin Carraway)
  9. A Dark Truth (Director: Damian Lee)
  10. A Fantastic Fear Of Everything (Directors: Crispian Mills, + Chris Hopewell)
  11. A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III (Director: Roman Coppola)
  12. A Hijacking (Director: Tobias Lindholm)
  13. A Kiss And A Promise (Director: Phillip Guzman)
  14. A Late Quartet (Director: Yaron Zilberman)
  15. A Liar's Autobiography: The Untrue Story of Monty Python's Graham Chapman (Directors: Bill Jones, Jeff Simpson + Ben Timlett)
  16. A Little Bit Zombie (Director: Casey Walker)
  17. A Royal Affair (Director: Nikolaj Arcel)
  18. ATM (Director: David Brooks)
  19. About Cherry (Director: Stephen Elliott)
  20. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (Director: Timur Bekmambetov)
  21. Act Of Valor (Directors: Mike McCoy + Scott Waugh)
  22. Aftershock (Director: Nicolás López)
  23. Alien Dawn (Director: Neil Johnson)
  24. Alien Uprising (Director: Dominic Burns)
  25. Allegiance (Director: Michael Connors)
  26. Alter Egos (Director: Jordan Galland)
  27. Amber Alert (Director: Kerry Bellessa)
  28. Ambush At Dark Canyon (Director: Dustin Rikert)
  29. American Mary (Director: Jen Soska + Sylvia Soska)
  30. American Reunion (Directors: Jon Hurwitz + Hayden Schlossberg)
  31. Among Friends (Director: Danielle Harris)
  32. And While We Were Here (Director: Kat Coiro)
  33. Android Insurrection (Director: Andrew Bellware)
  34. Anna Karenina (Director: Joe Wright)
  35. Any Day Now (Director: Travis Fine)
  36. Apartment 1303 3D (Director: Michael Taverna)
  37. Arbitrage (Director: Nicholas Jarecki)
  38. Argo (Director: Ben Affleck)
  39. Armynel (Director: Lance Dumais)
  40. Arthur Newman (Director: Dante Ariola)
  41. Assassin’s Bullet (Director: Isaac Florentine)
  42. At Any Price (Director: Ramin Bahrani)
  43. Attack of the 50 Foot Cheerleader (Director: Kevin O’Neill)
  44. August. Eighth (Director: Dzhanik Fayziev)
  45. Axed (Director: Ryan Lee Driscoll)
  46. Bachelorette (Director: Leslye Headland)
  47. Bad Ass (Director: Craig Moss)
  48. Bad Blood (Director: Conrad Janis)
  49. Bad Karma (Director: Suri Krishnamma)
  50. Bad Kids Go To Hell (Director: Matthew Spradlin)
  51. Bait (Director: Kimble Rendall)
  52. Battle Force (Director: Scott Martin)
  53. Barrio Tales (Director: Jarrett Tarnol)
  54. Becoming Redwood (Director: Jesse James Miller)
  55. Being Flynn (Director: Paul Weitz)
  56. Bel Ami (Directors: Declan Donnellan + Nick Ormerod)
  57. Between Us (Director: Dan Mirvish)
  58. Beyond Outrage (Director: Takeshi Kitano)
  59. Beyond The Trophy (Director: Daniel J. Gillin)
  60. Bigfoot County (Director: Stephon Stewart)
  61. Bindlestiffs (Director: Andrew Edison)
  62. Birds Of A Feather (Director: Curtis Franklin)
  63. Black Box (Director: Matthew Schilling)
  64. Black Rock (Director: Katie Aselton)
  65. Black’s Game (Director: Óskar Thór Axelsson)
  66. Blood Money (Director: Gregory McQualter)
  67. Bloodwork (Director: Eric Wostenberg)
  68. Book Of 1000 Deaths (Directors: Andretti Dante + Shavsha Israel)
  69. Border Run (Director: Gabriela Tagliavini)
  70. Born Wild (Director Dustin Rikert)
  71. Brake (Director: Gabe Torres)
  72. Branded (Directors: Jamie Bradshaw + Alexander Dulerayn)
  73. Brawl (Directors: Julaluck Ismalone + David Ismalone)
  74. Breaking Wind (Director: Craig Moss)
  75. Breathless (Director: Jesse Baget)
  76. Bro' (Director: Nick Parada)
  77. Broken Faith (Directors: Ricki Holmes + Danny Rogers)
  78. Bullet To The Head (Director: Walter Hill)
  79. Butcher Boys (Directors: Duane Graves + Justine Meeks)
  80. Byzantium (Director: Neil Jordan)
  81. C’mon Man (Director: Kenny Young)
  82. Capital (Director: Costa-Gavras)
  83. Casa de mi Padre (Director: Matt Piedmont)
  84. Celeste & Jesse Forever (Director: Lee Toland Krieger)
  85. Chained (Director: Jennifer Lynch)
  86. Changing The Game (Director: Rel Dowdell)
  87. Chernobyl Diaries (Director: Bradley Parker)
  88. Children Of Sorrow (Director: Jourdan McClure)
  89. Citadel (Director: Ciarán Foy)
  90. Cloud Atlas (Directors: Tom Tykwer, Lana Wachowski + Lilly Wachowski)
  91. Cold War (Directors: Lok Man Leung + Kim-Ching Luk)
  92. Come Out And Play (Director: Makinov)
  93. Compliance (Director: Craig Zobel)
  94. Contraband (Director: Baltasar Kormákur)
  95. Cosmopolis (Director: David Cronenberg)
  96. Crew 2 Crew (Director: Mark Bacci)
  97. Critical Decisions (Directors: Carl June + Louis Libran)
  98. Crowsnest (Director: Brenton Spencer)
  99. Dark Tourist (Director: Suri Krishnamma)
  100. Dawn Rider (Director: Terry Miles)
  101. Dead Before Dawn 3D (Director: April Mullen)
  102. Deadfall (Director: Stefan Ruzowitzky)
  103. Disconnect (Director: Henry Alex Rubin)
  104. Django Unchained (Director: Quentin Tarantino)
  105. Doc. 33 (Director: Giacomo Gabrielli)
  106. Dragon Eyes (Director: John Hyams)
  107. Dredd (Director: Pete Travis)
  108. Drug War (Director: Johnnie To)
  109. Easy Rider II: The Ride Home (Director: Dustin Rikert)
  110. Eden (Director: Megan Griffiths)
  111. El Gringo (Director: Eduardo Rodriguez)
  112. Electrick Children (Director: Rebecca Thomas)
  113. Elfie Hopkins: Cannibal Hunter (Director: Ryan Andrews)
  114. End Roll (Directors: Giacomo Gabrielli + Daniele Misischia)
  115. End Of Watch (Director: David Ayer)
  116. Erased (Director: Philipp Stölzl)
  117. Everybody Has A Plan (Director: Ana Piterbarg)
  118. Extraction (Director: Nir Paniry)
  119. FDR: American Badass! (Director: Garrett Brawith)
  120. Farewell, My Queen (Director: Benoît Jacquot)
  121. Fat Kid Rules The World (Director: Matthew Lillard)
  122. Filly Brown (Directors: Youssef Delara + Michael D. Olmos)
  123. Fire With Fire (Director: David Barrett)
  124. Flight (Director: Robert Zemeckis)
  125. For Greater Glory: The True Story Of Cristiada (Director: Dean Wright)
  126. For A Good Time, Call... (Director: Jamie Travis)
  127. For The Love Of Money (Director: Ellie Kanner)
  128. Four (Director: Joshua Sanchez)
  129. Frances Ha (Director: Noah Baumbach)
  130. Freaky Deaky (Director: Charles Matthau)
  131. Free Samples (Director: Jay Gammill)
  132. Freelancers (Director: Jessy Terrero)
  133. Freeloaders (Director: Dan Rosen)
  134. Funeral Kings (Directors: Kevin McManus + Matthew McManus)
  135. Gallowwalkers (Director: Andrew Goth)
  136. Generation Um... (Director: Mark Mann)
  137. Get The Gringo (Director: Adrian Grunberg)
  138. Ghost Graduation (Director: Javier Ruiz Caldera)
  139. Girls Against Boys (Director: Austin Chick)
  140. Girls Gone Dead (Directors: Michael Hoffman, Jr. + Aaron T. Wells)
  141. Goats (Director: Christopher Neil)
  142. Grassroots (Director: Stephen Gyllenhaal)
  143. Greystone Park (Director: Sean Stone)
  144. Heathens And Thieves (Director: Megan Peterson + John Douglas Sinclair)
  145. Hellbenders (Director: J.T. Petty)
  146. Hello I Must Be Going (Director: Todd Louiso)
  147. Highway (Director: Coke Daniels)
  148. Hijacked (Director: Brandon Nutt)
  149. Hirokin: The Last Samurai (Director: Alejo Mo-Sun)
  150. Hit And Run (Directors: David Palmer + Dax Shepard)
  151. Hold Your Breath (Director: Jared Cohn)
  152. House Arrest (Director: William Washington)
  153. Hyde Park On Hudson (Director: Roger Michell)
  154. If I Were You (Director: Joan Carr-Wiggin)
  155. In The Hive (Director: Robert Townsend)
  156. In The House (Director: François Ozon)
  157. Inch-Allah (Director: Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette)
  158. Inescapable (Director: Ruba Nadda)
  159. Infected (Director: Glenn Ciano)
  160. Inhuman Resources (Director: Daniel Krige)
  161. Into The White (Director: Petter Næss)
  162. Iron Sky (Director: Timo Vuorensola)
  163. It’s A Disaster (Director: Todd Berger)
  164. Jack & Diane (Director: Bradley Rust Gray)
  165. Jannat II (Director: Kunal Deshmukh)
  166. Jayne Mansfield’s Car (Director: Billy Bob Thornton)
  167. John Dies At The End (Director: Don Coscarelli)
  168. Just 45 Minutes From Broadway (Director: Henry Jaglom)
  169. Just Like A Woman (Director: Rachid Bouchareb)
  170. Killed Mr. Killer (Director: Ron Sauer)
  171. Killing Them Softly (Director: Andrew Dominik)
  172. Kiss Of The Damned (Director: Xan Cassavetes)
  173. Knife Fight (Director: Bill Guttentag)
  174. Knights Of Malice (Director: Mickey Reece)
  175. LUV (Director: Sheldon Candis)
  176. Lawless (Director: John Hillcoat)
  177. Lay The Favorite (Director: Stephen Frears)
  178. Least Among Saints (Director: Martin Papazian)
  179. Life’s A Beach (Director: Tony Vitale)
  180. Lola Versus (Director: Daryl Wein)
  181. Looper (Director: Rian Johnson)
  182. Lord Of Darkness (Director: Ricky Wood)
  183. Love Is All You Need (Director: Susanne Bier)
  184. Love Sick Love (Director: Christian Charles)
  185. Love Written In Blood (Director: undisclosed)
  186. Mac & Devin Go To High School (Director: Dylan C. Brown)
  187. Mafia (Director: Ryan Combs)
  188. Magic Mike (Director: Steven Soderbergh)
  189. Man From Shaolin (Directors: Peng Zhang Li + R.T. Wong)
  190. Mancation (Director: Frank Vain)
  191. Maximum Conviction (Director: Keoni Waxman)
  192. Meeting Evil (Director: Chris Fisher)
  193. Memorial Day (Director: Samuel Fischer)
  194. Men In Black III (Director: Barry Sonnenfeld)
  195. Middle Of Nowhere (Director: Ava Duvernay)
  196. Mighty Fine (Director: Debbie Goodstein)
  197. Money Fight (Directors: Adam Boster + Kenneth Chamitoff)
  198. Money Shot (Director: Bill McAdams, Jr.)
  199. Motorway (Director: Pou-Soi Cheang)
  200. Nature Calls (Director: Todd Rohal)
  201. Night Of The Living Dead 3D: Re-Animation (Director: Jeff Broadstreet)
  202. Night Of The Living Dead: Resurrection (Director: James Plumb)
  203. Nightmare Fuel (Director: Russel Parks)
  204. No (Director: Pablo Larraín)
  205. No One Lives (Director: Ryûhei Kitamura)
  206. No Vacancy (Director: Chris Stokes)
  207. Nobody Walks (Director: Ry Russo-Young)
  208. Noobz (Director: Blake Freeman)
  209. Not Fade Away (Director: David Chase)
  210. Not Suitable For Children (Director: Peter Templeman)
  211. On The Other Side Of The Tracks (Director: David Charhon)
  212. On The Road (Director: Walter Salles)
  213. One In The Chamber (Director: William Kaufman)
  214. Overnight (Director: Valerie Breiman)
  215. Paranormal Activity IV (Director: Henry Joost + Ariel Schulman)
  216. Parasitic (Director: Tim Martin)
  217. Passion (Director: Brian De Palma)
  218. Paulette (Director: Jérôme Enrico)
  219. Picture Day (Director: Kate Melville)
  220. Piranha 3DD (Director: John Gulager)
  221. Playback (Director: Michael A. Nickles)
  222. Populaire (Director: Régis Roinsard)
  223. Project X (Director: Nima Nourizadeh)
  224. Prometheus (Director: Ridley Scott)
  225. Promised Land (Director: Gus Van Sant)
  226. Pusher (Director: Luis Prieto)
  227. Raaz III: The Third Dimension (Director: Vikram Bhatt)
  228. Reality (Director: Matteo Garrone)
  229. [rec.] III: Genesis (Director: Paco Plaza)
  230. Red Hook Summer (Director: Spike Lee)
  231. Red Lights (Director: Rodrigo Cortés)
  232. Renoir (Director: Gilles Bourdos)
  233. Resident Evil: Damnation (Directors: Makoto Kamiya + Toyoshi Minamino)
  234. Resident Evil: Retribution (Director: Paul W.S. Anderson)
  235. Revenge For Jolly! (Director: Chadd Harbold)
  236. Rites Of Passage (Director: W. Peter Iliff)
  237. Ritual (Director: Joko Anwar)
  238. Robin Hood: Ghosts Of Sherwood (Director: Oliver Krekel)
  239. Rogue River (Director: Jourdan McClure)
  240. Room 13 (Pt. II) (Director: Hunter Goligoski)
  241. Ruby Sparks (Directors: Jonathan Dayton & Valerie Faris)
  242. Rust And Bone (Director: Jacques Audiard)
  243. Safe (Director: Boaz Yakin)
  244. Safe House (Director: Daniel Espinosa)
  245. Safety Not Guaranteed (Director: Colin Trevorrow)
  246. Sassy Pants (Director: Coley Sohn)
  247. Saturday Morning Mystery (Director: Spencer Parsons)
  248. Savages (Director: Oliver Stone)
  249. Save The Date (Director: Michael Mohan)
  250. Scary Or Die (Directors: Bob Badway, Michael Emanuel + Igor Meglic)
  251. Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World (Director: Lorene Scafaria)
  252. Seven Psychopaths (Director: Martin McDonagh)
  253. Shadow Dancer (Director: James Marsh)
  254. Silver Linings Playbook (Director: David O. Russell)
  255. Sin Reaper 3D (Director: Sebastian Bartolitius)
  256. Sinister (Director: Scott Derrickson)
  257. Slumber Party Slaughter (Director: Rebekah Chaney)
  258. Small Apartments (Director: Jonas Åkerlund)
  259. Smashed (Director: James Ponsoldt)
  260. Smiley (Director: Michael J. Gallagher)
  261. Soldiers Of Fortune (Director: Maxim Korostyshevsky)
  262. Sorority Party Massacre (Directors: Chris W. Freeman + Justin Jones)
  263. South Of Sanity (Directors: Mathew Edwards + Kirk Watson)
  264. Spring Breakers (Director: Harmony Korine)
  265. Stand Up Guys (Director: Fisher Stevens)
  266. Starship Troopers: Invasion (Director: Shinji Aramaki)
  267. Stash House (Director: Eduardo Rodriguez)
  268. Stitches (Director: Conor McMahon)
  269. Stolen (Director: Simon West)
  270. Storage 24 (Director: Johannes Roberts)
  271. Stories Of The Paranormal: It Came In The Night (Director: Kelly Weaver)
  272. Strange, Stranger (Director: Daryush Shokof)
  273. Stuck In Love (Director: Josh Boone)
  274. Sushi Girl (Director: Kern Saxton)
  275. Ted (Director: Seth MacFarlane)
  276. Thanks For Sharing (Director: Stuart Blumberg)
  277. That’s My Boy (Director: Sean Anders)
  278. That’s What She Said (Director: Carrie Preston)
  279. The 49th Line (Director: Drew O’Kane)
  280. The Aggression Scale (Director: Steven C. Miller)
  281. The Amazing Adventures Of The Living Corpse (Director: Justin Paul Ritter)
  282. The Artist And The Model (Director: Fernando Trueba)
  283. The Attack (Director: Ziad Doueiri)
  284. The Babymakers (Director: Jay Chandrasekhar)
  285. The Barrens (Director: Darren Lynn Bousman)
  286. The Bay (Director: Barry Levinson)
  287. The Baytown Outlaws (Director: Barry Battles)
  288. The Brass Teapot (Director: Ramaa Mosley)
  289. The Cabin In The Woods (Director: Drew Goddard)
  290. The Campaign (Director: Jay Roach)
  291. The Collection (Director: Marcus Dunstan)
  292. The Color Of Time (Directors: Edna Luise Biesold, Sarah-Violet Bliss, Gabrielle Demeestere, Alexis Gambis, Brooke Goldfinch, Shripriya Mahesh, Pamela Romanowsky, Bruce Thierry Cheung, Tine Thomasen, Virginia Urreiztieta + Omar Zúñiga Hidalgo)
  293. The Company You Keep (Director: Robert Redford)
  294. The Courier (Director: Hany Abu-Assad)
  295. The Darkening (Director: Jack L. Young)
  296. The Day of the Siege: September Eleven 1683 (Director: Renzo Martinelli)
  297. The Devil Inside (Director: William Brent Bell)
  298. The Dictator (Director: Larry Charles)
  299. The Do-Deca-Pentathlon (Directors: Jay Duplass + Mark Duplass)
  300. The Doorway (Director: Chase Smith)
  301. The Expendables (Director: Simon West)
  302. The Factory (Director: Morgan O’Neill)
  303. The Five-Year Engagement (Director: Nicholas Stoller)
  304. The Gangster (Director: Kongkiat Khomsiri)
  305. The Ghostmaker (Director: Mauro Borrelli)
  306. The Girl From The Naked Eye (Director: David Ren)
  307. The Guillotines (Director: Wai-Keung Lau)
  308. The Hunger Games (Director: Gary Ross)
  309. The Hunt (Director: Thomas Vinterberg)
  310. The Iceman (Director: Ariel Vromen)
  311. The King Of Najayo (Director: Fernando Baez Mella)
  312. The Kitchen (Director: Ishai Setton)
  313. The Legend Of Black Annie (Directors: Terrence Flack + Shane Woodson)
  314. The Lesser Blessed (Director: Anita Doron)
  315. The Letter (Director: Jay Anania)
  316. The Liability (Director: Craig Viveiros)
  317. The Lords Of Salem (Director: Rob Zombie)
  318. The Man With The Iron Fists (Director: RZA)
  319. The Master (Director: Paul Thomas Anderson)
  320. The Mooring (Director: Glenn Withrow)
  321. The Motel Life (Directors: Alan Polsky + Gabe Polsky)
  322. The Newest Pledge (Director: Jason Michael Brescia)
  323. The Pact (Director: Nicholas McCarthy)
  324. The Paperboy (Director: Lee Daniels)
  325. The Patience Stone (Director: Atiq Rahimi)
  326. The Philly Kid (Director: Jason Connery)
  327. The Place Beyond The Pines (Director: Derek Cianfrance)
  328. The Players (Directors: Emmanuelle Bercot, Fred Cavayé, Alexandre Courtès, Jean Dujardin, Michel Hazanavicius, Jan Kounen, Eric Lartigau, Gilles Lellouche
  329. The Raven (Director: James McTeigue)
  330. The Reluctant Fundamentalist (Director: Mira Nair)
  331. The Rise & Fall Of A White Collar Hooligan (Director: Paul Tanter)
  332. The Samaritan (Director: David Weaver)
  333. The Sessions (Director: Ben Lewin)
  334. The Sweeney (Director: Nick Love)
  335. The Tall Man (Director: Pascal Laugier)
  336. The Thompsons (Directors: Mitchell Altieri + Phil Flores)
  337. The Watch (Director: Akiva Schaffer)
  338. The Watermen (Director: Matt L. Lockhart)
  339. This Is 40 (Director: Judd Apatow)
  340. This Means War (Director: McG)
  341. Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie (Directors: Tim Heidecker + Eric Wareheim)
  342. To Rome With Love (Director: Woody Allen)
  343. To The Wonder (Director: Terrence Malick)
  344. Twice Born (Director: Sergio Castellitto)
  345. Ultrasonic (Director: Rohit Colin Rao)
  346. Under The Bed (Director: Steven C. Miller)
  347. Underworld: Awakening (Directors: Måns Mårlind + Björn Stein )
  348. Universal Soldier: Day Of Reckoning (Director: John Hyams)
  349. V/H/S (Directors: Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, David Bruckner, Tyler Gillett, Justin Martinez, Glenn McQuaid, Radio Silence, Joe Swanberg, Chad Villella, Ti West + Adam Wingard)
  350. Wanderlust (Director: David Wain)
  351. We The Party (Director: Mario Van Peebles)
  352. What Maisie Knew (Director: Scott McGehee + David Siegel)
  353. Why Stop Now? (Director: Phil Dorling + Ron Nyswaner)
  354. Wish You Were Here (Director: Kieran Darcy-Smith)
  355. You're Nobody 'til Somebody Kills You (Director: Michael A. Pinckney)
  356. Zero Dark Thirty (Director: Kathryn Bigelow)
  357. Zombies vs. Strippers (Director: Alex Nicolaou)
NC-17 (none)
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2016.09.20 14:48 Divyamantra Libra Horse Horoscope

The zodiac sign of Libra comes seventh in the zodiac cycle. Also known as Tula in Hindi, people belonging to the zodiac sign of Libra are pretty well-known for their contradictory nature. Librans can actually desire for two completely opposite things at the same point of time. Here we will elaborate on the various unique characteristics of a Libran. Librans are symbolized by a pair of scales. Hence, they stand for a prevailing sense of balance. A person belonging to this zodiac sign cannot bear the idea of a lop-sided arrangement; they need everything to be in perfect harmony. Hence, they are associated with virtues like justice and fair trade. According to Chinese astrology, Libra is familiarized with the horse. Just how the horse loves being in herd, Librans are also at their best when they are amongst people. When alone, they tend to sink into despair and grief. Dates September 23 – October 22 Symbol Scales Element Air Colour Blue and Green Day Friday Best Compatibility Gemini, Sagittarius, and Aquarius Worst Compatibility Pisces, Cancer, and Taurus Lucky Numbers 6, 15, 24, 33, 42, 51, 60 Lucky Stone Sapphire Ruling Planet Venus
Strengths Of Librans: • Extremely cooperative in nature, expect a Libran to be accommodating at all times. • Though the diplomatic behavior of a Libran is touted to be good, it could also go against them in some exceptional cases. However, it is still an admirable quality. • It is said that Librans are peace-lovers. Hence, you will not find them amidst any dispute or conflict. • As mentioned above, people belonging to the Libra clan cannot tolerate injustice, since they are extremely fair-minded people. • A constant thirst for intelligence and wisdom is what sets a Libran apart from the rest. • Not only are Librans charming and beautiful themselves, they also have an observant eye for all artistic things. • If you notice a Libran being helpful, remember that they get it from the zodiac sign. Weaknesses Of Librans: • With a sharp observant sense of beauty, also comes the fact that Librans judge everything only according to the outer beauty and physical appearance. • Indecisive in nature, a person belonging to the class of Libra excels in goofing up with some of the most important decisions of his life. • A victim of self-pity, Librans love to play the poor soul in every situation so as to gain extra sympathy from the people around them. • Don’t trust a Libran to let go of a matter even after you have apologized for your mistake because they are not of the forgiving nature. • Laziness is a negative virtue that most Librans are guilty of. This was all about the unique personality traits of people born under the zodiac sign of Libra.
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2016.03.13 15:36 chagadaga [Serious] Open Letter to Sil3ntcreep3rxD and Supporters

I shall begin by listing the people that this open letter concerns:
First and foremost, Sil3ntcreep3rxD himself; Secondly, all Librans involved in harboring Sil3ntcreep3rxD; Thirdly, Toontasker and others who attempted to pearl me for Sil3ntcreep3rxD; Lastly, the other members of Concordia that sat back, did nothing, and even laughed as my house was broken into and I was pearled.
So let's begin at the beginning. A while ago, Sil3ntcreep3rxD randomly murdered me in the middle of Concordia and took all of my stuff. I get a screenshot of my combat tag to prove that I got attacked, but this fucker manages to lie his way out of punishment and then goes over to live in Libra. Instead of bringing him to justice and having him pay reps for my lost gear, they harbor him and even praise him while harassing me every chance that they can get. They don't even allow me on or near their island; I once sailed by and Xavter started a caps lock minirant about how I'm not allowed in Libra. They also had eeshaw123, yes, the very same scumbag that raided Aquila and started the biggest war on this server to date which got the town he led sacked, to go over and attempt to lava bomb my house and pearl me. Why, you ask? Pointing out that they were harboring Sil3ntcreep3rxD, which they considered "slander" and acted like it was a casual belli for a proxy attack on my house, carried out by a scumbag that has built swastikas in Concordia and been an overall shitty troll.
So then this guy, aliawesome or something similar, goes and griefs my city proper house by destroying the windows and filling them up with wool. I happen to catch him, and kill him for griefing me. Well whaddaya know, when I go to the bet border's volcano island to bring an old friend some food, alia and sil3nt go over to murder me, and sil3nt takes my gear for a second time. At this point his outstanding debt to me is 60d in lost gear, which he has refused to pay even now. Of course, Libra is still in full support of them both, harboring and praising them.
Now, the events that occurred yesterday. Yesterday evening, a guy named Diggydog24 announces that sil3nt has pearled him and is repeatedly killing and summoning him. Due to a glitch in prisonpearl, he's not getting sent to candyland. A few others and I go to help him; we manage to free him, but I get pearled in the process although I get my gear back and get freed. I'm one of the few people that even cared; fellowship and meowcoolcat refuse to consider him guilty even after what just happened and neither do any Librans. A heated argument occurs between me and meowcoolcat, who is notoriously bitchy, and I log off for a couple hours.
When I get back, some dipshit named Toontasker breaks into my house and pearls me. The bug is still in effect so I respawn there, after which I learn a very distressing truth. Toontasker is working for sil3nt to have me pearled, and everyone is laughing at me for it, including Diggydog24 and many others I thought were friendly and honest people. NOPE. CONCORDIA'S FULL OF DECEITFUL SHITHEADS. Diggydog24 is in full support of me being pearled, and no reason is even given for it. Luckily, a friend who shall remain anonymous for his safety, manages to free me by pearling and releasing me. I grab everything I can and run for somewhere else; my current location will remain classified in the interest of my safety and freedom.
When I checked the subreddit this morning, I couldn't believe it. Toontasker and some others had raided Concordia, which had by and large been supporting his actions as he broke into my home and pearled me.
Without further ado, here's my message to the folks addressed here:
Go fuck yourselves. Sil3ntcreep3rxD, you're a murderous, thieving piece of shit and waste of human life and you still owe me 60d. Libra, you're even worse for supporting and praising this dipshit, plus that proxy attack on my house and the window grief, not to mention harassing me all that time. The day someone turns your town into a volcano because you fucked with the wrong person is the day I'll laugh at all of you as hard as I can and proclaim that day International Fuck You Libra Day. As for the Concordians who chose to stand by and laugh as Toontasker pearled me, I have one thing to say to you: AHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHHHAHHHHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!!! The sweet, sweet irony! Oh, my sides! But seriously, fuck all of you scumbags, and I hope all your friends know that you're deceitful shitfaces and fuck you over when you're in trouble like you did to me. Then you'll know how it feels, and maybe realize how horrible you are.
Tl;dr: Eat shit.
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2015.12.01 03:03 thenewwheel Me [35 M with my girlfriend[32 F], feeling valued.

Hi there reddit. I have created a throwaway for this post because I want to stay anonymous, but I would be interested in your advice on this.
Background - I moved to a new city in a different state in May and when that happened I broke up with my then girlfriend. We had been 'together' for about 18 months, though to be honest I never felt that the relationship had legs, and subconsciously I think I used the move to bring about its end. Hell, ending the relationship might have even been the reason for the move. I freely admit that I am terrible at conflict and I absolutely loathe the idea of hurting anyone, even though that's what I did. For people into this stuff, I always return the result EFPN on Briggs-Myers, and I am a Libran.
When I got into the new city I did what you do - I was keen to increase my circle of friends so I got online and got involved. I also joined an online dating website. Without sounding like a complete dick every girl I met on that site wanted to meet me again romantically, with the exception of one. I didnt want to meet any of them again romatically, with the exception of one.
We had a great time on our date, but she messaged me immediately afterwards to say that whilst she had an awesome time, she felt that we should just be friends. I was cool and relieved with that as to be honest I did not feel completely ready for a relationship.
Anyway, we started to hang out as mates and we got on really really well. She was being kicked out of her house due to the landlord selling it, and I didn't like living on my own. We decided, as friends, to rent a house together. We continued to hang out and have fun before the inevitable happened and we hooked up. We've been together ever since.
The thing you should know about my girlfriend is that she is awesome, everyone loves her and wants to be around her. She is stubborn and likes to make all the decisions, which is VERY new for me and makes me slightly uncomfortable - but I also like the relief of that responsibility and she generally makes good decisions.
I love being with her too and I am completely in love with her. She says that she feels the same and we are, in general terms, ridiculously happy and privileged.
I just wanted to speak to you about some insecurities and stuff that I have. I feel that she does not acknowledge our relationship as much as she should, or that I am comfortable with. She uses personal pronoun singular a lot, when personal pronoun plural would be more appropriate ('I am going', rather than 'we are going'). She is quite selfish, and can appear as if her behaviour hasn't considered me or its effect on me, so she will commit to plans without consulting me, even if said plan binds me financially.
I also think that, although all her friends know about our relationship and are really happy with it, that she puts her friends views and needs in front of mine. I think some of her male mates have picked up on this and don't really give me the respect I reckon I'm due. They will talk down to me and so on, and organize events at my house without asking me.
This sounds so fucking petty writing it, but there are other things. She changed her profile picture on social media to a pic of her and her male friend, which (idk why really) upset me massively. There was a picture of me and her at the same event which was exactly the same but which she ignored. I did raise that I was upset about it - not because I was insecure about fidelity issues, but because I felt that it was kind of a public snub. Also, I know my friends and family interstate would be like - 'who's the guy on your gf's profile pic?' Does that make sense?
Anyway, that incident was a kind of straw that broke me about the other things that had been bothering me, and I couldnt sleep at all last night. I went to bed with her but got up and stayed up drinking wine and smoking/ruminating until 330 am.
This morning she emailed -
"I feel like something is really wrong and I don’t understand what it is!
The thought that I’ve made you unhappy is making me feel sick.
Hope you’re ok."
And, apols for the essay, I responded with:-
"I would like to chat about things that have been bothering me. It’s important to talk.
I don’t want to go into facebook-gate too much but I get the impression that you don’t understand why I was upset by that, so I will explain if I can. I love you very much and I am very happy and privileged to be a person that you want to spend time with. I think you’re amazing. So please understand that the preface of what follows is that you are literally the loveliest person I have ever met.
The thing is, I am amazing too (at least to me!). Sometimes, unknowingly, you can make me feel as though I am an extra in the show that is your life. I am not, nor will I ever be, that person. I am the star of my show (!) and I would like to be the co-star of yours. I need to feel like I am appreciated and valued as such. The symbolism of facebook-gate to me is what’s important – there was a perfectly acceptable picture of us together but you chose a different one because you felt you looked better in it and it was easier to upload. A situation where I have to explain ‘who’s that guy on your girlfriend’s profile picture?’ is not a situation I will put up with, ever. Plainly, this has nothing to do with Gary or my being insecure about anything in that way, but it is about my need to feel that I am important to you and that that importance is clear to the outside world. I should out-rank your mates as you out-rank mine. Do you understand where I am coming from, because I don’t feel I am articulating myself very well.
I think my real need in a relationship of any kind is to feel valued, respected and important. I know that I am over-sensitive sometimes (soz, but that’s just who I am) but little things bother me, such as the use of the personal pronoun singular when the personal pronoun plural is more appropriate (‘we are going’, not ‘I am going’, for example).
Because I love you and I know that you need to be in control I am prepared to defer to you on many things, but please don’t mistake that for my being a walk-over or someone who is uninterested in what happens. I need to be involved in decision making on a supra-lip service basis. It’s new to me to be with someone who is assertive and doesn’t defer to me on everything, so please have some patience with that . Sometimes I’m actually right or have a better idea.
I really don’t want this to come across as a rant/diatribe, and I don’t want to be petty – I guess to sum up I just need to feel more important than I currently do sometimes, and I don’t want to be taken for granted.
I love you so much that I can feel as though my feelings are a tangible object that I could pull out of my stomach, and I really really don’t want you to feel bad or there to be any problem between us. Relationships between humans are not straightforward, and, whilst they should never be really hard, it’s inevitable that there will be areas of difficulty. I guess the trick is to talk and deal with them before small things become large things. I can be very passive aggressive and I don’t like that about me so I want to be upfront about how I feel, even if it’s behind a computer monitor."
Now reddit, I know I am a dick, immature etc, but I really want to be a better person who these things don't bother so much. Does anyone think I have a point, and even if you don't, how should I play things from now on? I meant what I said in my email - I haven't felt like this about someone in ever, and I really dont want to fuck it up.
She has sent me an email saying that she doesnt have time to respond appropriately to my epistle, but that I shouldnt worry and that she loves me.
What do I do to feel more secure/valued without coming across as an emotionally retarded freak and driving her away?
tl;dr: New relationship, slight difficulties, need to feel more valued by partner.
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2014.12.03 07:30 bernardoellison Libra Horoscope

Many of us tend to read Horoscope! every morning for several purposes such as knowing what will happen to us in that day or discovering who will be my future husband. In fact, consulting astrological reports not only has all of our unexplained queries answered, but also gives our intricacies the best solutions. Of course, no one is perfect, so each Zodiac sign will have their own negative and positive sides in all aspects of life. If anyone has the dates of birth between September 23rd and October 22nd, they can be gifted with balance, good communication skills, stability and justice.
The truth is that the total 12 sun signs shall be ruled and followed by some typical types of Zodiac elements including Fire, Earth, Air and Water. If the element of Aries is Fire, it means that individuals born under this sign are apt to be angry very quickly. Hence, when it comes to Libra with its rule as Air, it also represents that most of the Librans are very fond of constant movement and wise knowledge. Normally, Air signs also imply the wisdom and intelligence of a person.
To be affected by these above factors, Libra has a great command of powerful minds and languages as compared to other people around them. It seems that nothing is able to prevent Librans from being the good communicators in the future. Additionally, these people can be described as the most understanding ones in this Earth because they are extremely devoted, caring, and ready to do anything to lend others a hand. One of the unbelievable traits of Librans is their calm opinions towards everything; even they are forced to deal with something out of their reach.
How about all of their relationships? How will they treat everyone in work, love and society? Actually, both Libra men and women always know the ways to keep their relationships alive via various challenges in life. When it comes to the interpersonal relationships, they are highly intuitive in everything. It is likely that Librans are wise enough to take advantage of their sensibility to get a better understanding of others successfully. Often, the charming manners and wise sayings will be sufficient to catch people’s attentions. Therefore, that is what they are thinking to get ahead in some social interactions.
It is time to read Libra Horoscope Monthly
According to numerous astrological prophecies, this month will be undoubtedly the promising time for you in both love! and work, dear Libra! As a result, don’t be hesitant to get yourself have a good preparation. Once the right time comes, your perfect match shall surely appear immediately. Of course, it will come unexpectedly and naturally. Although future is very hard to predict, it is all right to provide yourself with the hopes that marital life is not too far to reach.
Keep in mind that, however, any good thing will not come to you overnight. Some married couples can be stuck in some fierce disputes and conflicts several days, yet things can be solved soon. If you are in employment, don’t give up anything so early after some failures. Here is the right time to think about your future success, and then forget your current set-backs.
It is truly a risk to make any big investment in this month since your temporary conditions are not favorable and good enough to make your dream come true. If possible, you are advised to cut off some unnecessary expenditure in order to recover your present financial status. Don’t worry! Your financial condition will be balanced as your expectation soon.
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2013.05.03 09:08 Qq1988 Virgo (24) dating libra (26) for over a month, hasn't text back for 3 days

I met this guy online. Only guy I really responded to with messages as his conversational opener was really 'you forgot message me'. Things really hit it off and we decided on a date later the next day. I had to postpone and suggested another date before I went on holiday... Didn't hear from him about it, the suggested date passed, original date passed... Nothing. So I text him saying how he should've been a gentlemen and told me he later decided against everything and that I was disappointed cos I liked him. He text back moments later saying he'd been but and truly forgot to message back. Not the greatest start.
I went on holiday and he seemed to be interested (I came back and he had messaged me two days after I left but my phone number had switched) we messaged a few times in Hk... Often he'd message hours later since the time difference and sometimes I with him (I was on holiday!)
Came back. Week later. Met for a date. Initially only for drinks. Had no awkward moments, really great guy, fun, chatted about anything. I'm not used to dating so I don't kno how to read if he was attracted to me or not. But he complimented me on my Appearance (I had a great sexy dress on) and there was some Flirting on. Anyway it went so well he took me out for dinner. Some more chatting. Got on well. He was the one who asked me how the date went, if it was anything I expected and if we could do it again. He'd said before that he'd been on two dates with really beautiful girls but he had to do all the talking and one girl liked him too much and moved too fast for him.
I ponder about this next bit... But generally no regrets....
We ended up at his flat and made out... Quite a bit and everything was heated. He wanted me to stay but I couldn't. We only kissed and saw eachother but we didn't have sex or touched and kissed down there. Anyway he was frustrated but he 'said' he didn't mind waiting.
Continued texts.... I don't like talking on the phone but that is not none to him. I gather he calls his family a lot and Skype etc.... Not with me.
I rejected him once to go over... Didn't want to seem like second date should be in his bedroom... AGAIN. The texts by now were never long conversations. , just comments here and there and what eachother were doing. At one point he hasn't replied to my message so I waited.... Two days later in the evening, he asked what was wrong. I text him back... No reply until I asked what was wrong....
I ended up at his flat again... He was hungover and wanted to see me. I with him. Went straight to cuddling and all that. We tried to have sex after I said I wanted to wait... Anyway. Im a small lady and don't sleep around with a lot of men... He is quite tall and 'thicker' than what I'm used to. It got awkward as he couldn't go in and he really wasn't loving... He tore me and I bled. Had to stop. I was fine about it, he didnt make me feel I should have thought otherwise. We did other things, he slept, I left.
Got home and text him,' u tore me big boy' and he replied and said he hoped I was ok... (No sorry).
Next day he mentioned about sleeping too much the day before . I text him back. When I saw him... I suggested another proper date.. Outside, restaurant. I said Wednesday an wanted to go aquarium or something. He asked where it was and said yeh... But probably leave it for a weekend but this weekend he's going back to see his family. Maybe do something else first and next weekend go then. I text him after he had text me about the Wednesday and suggested meetin up and going for dinner.
No reply.
3 days later (by this time Wednesday is over) I text him sorry been busy, u miss me harassing u? What u doing tonight.
No reply.
It's morning now. His track record is 2 days. If I have messaged him in the evening... However late (understandable ) or early... He would text me in the morning before 8am , maybe 9 to say good morning. If its the weekend... Very late afternoon.
Now I've waited for a reply for the date. Nothing. So I've already re thrown the ball back in his court with another text. I DON'T think I'm bombarding him with stuff at the moment... Although I am close to. I am going INSANE replaying stuff in my head and yes am very desperate to get a reply... Anything. I don't think I should be texting him again and I know I should wait.... But are there any thoughts about what he's thinking?
I'm aware that by weekend he'll be even harder to contact cos he'll be at home home and being busy. He's a sociable guy, has a fairly demanding job and not a phone man.... But any person who's interested ... Surely replies to a simple text. I haven't asked about moving the relationship forward ... Or talked about moving in or anything of that nature so I don't think I'm movin too fast. I'm a very open person but you'd have to ask me how I feel before I tell u if I like you. If u frustrate me I will give u a piece of my mind.
(Okay I just sent him another his name and question mark)
I don't know what I can do and am just really really confused. Did I give in too soon? I'm not even angry he hurt me that night. If he doesn't text me after the weekend.. Or even replied to my message I just sent... Is it really over? He's not online on that dating website account and librans don't really cheat. I'm very into my star signs and his character matches it... Plus I'm very analytical... As u can tell and yeh.
Am I expecting too much over such a short period of time... Is he really that busy to reply? Or is it that he's just lost interest?
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2012.12.18 05:46 tabledresser [Table] IAmA Bob Mould

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Date: 2012-12-17
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Questions Answers
First off Bob, I love the new album. I've got all your stuff, and Silver Age is up there pretty high. I traveled to Brooklyn just to see you play, and it was one of the best nights of my life. What are your plans for 2013? Do you plan on doing any recording? There's been some rumblings about reissues of the Husker Du albums, is there any chance of this happening? Grant Hart mentioned in an interview recently that he, yourself, and Greg Norton are being sued by SST Records for over-payment of royalties (?). Is this actually happening? source: Link to Hey, it's Bob. Thanks for having me at Reddit. Wow, so many good questions all at once. Glad you liked the Brooklyn show, it was a great way to kick off the September 2012 US tour. Plans for 2013: another music video, more US dates in late February, Australian tour in March, more US dates later in the spring. BLOWOFF in DC and NYC. Regarding HD albums: there's always rumblings about reissues, but there are many labels involved — not to mention getting the three band members on the same page. Regarding SST lawsuit: anything is possible with SST, but I haven't been served any papers, so I'm not clear as to what Grant Hart (HD drummevocalist) is referring to. Thanks!
Hi Bob, do you consider yourself a gay musician or just a musician who happens to be gay? Has the music industry treated you well since you came out? A musician who happens to be gay. It's a big part of who I am, to be sure, but I like to think that music is universal. A good love song or breakup song should work for everyone's orientation, and I write with that in mind.
I'm a huge Hüsker Dü fan and I'm almost militant in defending Zen Arcade as the greatest record ever made. Although there are a thousand questions I'd like to ask I'll just focus on one... Do you talk with Greg and Grant? Do you ever hear from them? Thanks for defending Zen Arcade — it's in my top 5 albums I've touched. I don't stay in touch with Grant and Greg beyond the occasional business correspondence. Great first band to be in, that's for sure. I wish them both well in whatever they choose to do. No heat, I just moved on. Thanks!
What are the other four? Copper Blue, Workbook, then the rest change from day to day.
A couple of gear-related questions for you... Back in the days of Hüsker Dü, you played a Flying-V, and used a chorus pedal to split the signal to two amps. Nowadays, you're playing a Strat... Why the change in guitars? Mostly wondering about why you switched from humbuckers to single-coils... What chorus pedal did you use in Hüsker Dü? After HD, it was time to start over. I stumbled into that Strat in a combo music store/satellite dish store on the way back to my farm in northern Minnesota. I am so NOT the guitar geek guy. The Starts have Lace Sensor pickups, they're like seismographs or something. They read vibrations different than magnetic pickups. I used a Roland stereo rack delay, I think it was the SDE-1000, to split, chorus, and delay the signal.
What the heck is a "hate paper doll"? I don't know! I came up with the melody and cadence of the syllables (DAH-DAH, dah DAHHH), then I guess I just fit some words into the sounds. Jon Wurster is always at me to play that song!
Robert Pollard wrote a song for Boston Spaceships called "Dementia is Rising", have you heard it? A line goes "And Hate Paper Doll, makes no sense at all". Has other 80s punk references in it. That's sweet. Robert is a national treasure.
In 'Keep Believing' you made references to some of your favourite songs by other bands - do you have any aspirations to collaborate with any of these? I think a Bob Mould / Frank Black / Kevin Shields supergroup would be nice. In order: Byrds, Beatles, Who, Cheap Trick. KISS, J Thunders, Suicide Commandos. Ramones, Joy Division, Germs, REM. Minutemen, Pixies, Nirvana, then a mashup of HD and My Bloody Valentine. And the "never lose that feeling" is a nod to Swervedriver.
I got about 1/2 of 'em. Wait, isn't Mission of Burma in there - "Pass me the revolver?" Could be a double Beatles/MOB reference I guess. Yes it could be either. Was thinking Beatles but MoB definitely works as well. Love them.
D'you reckon you could take Westerberg in a fight? Paul was pretty scrappy back in the day. I have reach on him, though. :-)
What was your favourite song from the incredible Warehouse: Songs and Stories? What are your favourite indie-rock or alternative rock records of the late 80s / early 90s? Would you ever consider doing a live show exclusive for the internet? Could You Be The One and Up In The Air are my favorites. All Pixies, Dag Nasty, Fugazi were favorites at the time. Sonic Youth and Dino Jr of course.
Thanks for stopping by, Mr. Mould. How was collaborating/going on tour with the Foo Fighters? What do you think is the future of music? The future of music is hard to predict. Old folks like me sometimes think "it's all been done before, and done better back in the day". One thing most old folks forget is that young musicians haven't heard it all, and the ways in which they take ideas and mash them together is what keeps it alive. It's like the game where you whisper something, and pass it on, and by the end it bears no resemblance to how it started. That's part of what this music thing is about.
Zen Arcade, and Husker Du in general, had a large impact on the punk scene in their day. What are your thoughts on more modern punk bands and trends? It sure seems like "punk", or at least what I think of as punk, is back in a big way. Not sure it ever went away, but the music press has been touting lots of good bands (Fucked Up, No Age, Cloud Nothings, METZ, The Men, White Lung, etc.) over the past few years. Hope this helps.
What are your favourite bands/songs? I've been stuck on the most recent Bear in Heaven album, titled I Love You, It's Cool. Chromatics album Kill For Love. The new Tame Impala is good. Endless Summers. New Joy Formidable should be good. Paul Banks album. Gary Clark Jr. album. Everything that Madeon touches is brilliant.
What is your favorite candy? It used to be Pixy Stix, but now it's dark chocolate.
In Sugar - specifically "if I can't change your mind" you did a doubling of your voice, but there also seems to be an additional quality to your voice. Did you use any extra filters? What are you listening to these days? Music wise, not like car sounds. Are there any new bands you feel have something different and unique in the same way Husker Du did? Was your singing voice always very identifiable or was is something you found? THere's at least two vocals if not four on IICCYM. It's common to use filtering and effects to make vocals sit in different spaces in the mix. I do it often. I mentioned my current faves earlier in another answer. Bear in Heaven hits me harder than anything right now. Their combination of influences is unique, and it speaks to me in a way I can't describe. I have never been a fan of my singing voice. It's evolved over the years, and I guess I'm more comfortable with it now. I keep it low in the mix, not because I don't like it, but mainly to keep the power of the instruments equal to the story/message.
How do you feel about a band somewhere between Husker Du and Peter, Paul & Mary? [Pixies (and your influence on)] How did it feel to come out of Minneapolis in the 80's with The Replacements? Saw you at the Williamsburg Waterfront in September, thank you for still playing. I was so luck to get to play shows with the Pixies in 1989. They were so important to the growth and progress of American music. THe 1980's in Minneapolis were so cool. Not only HD Mats Soul Asylum, but Prince, Flyte Time, etc. Such a creative place.
I guess I should probably ask a real question since you took the time to reply to me. :) What was working with Dave Grohl like on Wasting Light for the song 'Dear Rosemary'? A total blast and a real honor. There's a fuller answer elsewhere in this chat. Thanks!
Any interest in working with Frank Black or Kevin Shields? Please say yes. Of course! I spent a little time with Kevin in London last May. I was so happy to hear the new MBV album was all but ready to go. I think he was one song away at the time. I am sure it will be worth the long wait.
Are you in a better place these days? Most definitely. Thanks for asking.
Hi Bob, I'm a big fan and Silver Age is my favourite record to come out in 2012. Given that Silver Age was a return to the melodic punk style somewhat in the vein of Sugar, are you finished experimenting with electronic dance sounds (like the ones you explored on Body of Song) or is it something that you will return to? Thanks for the kind words. I still do the BLOWOFF DJ parties with Rich Morel, so I have a good outlet for my electronic/dance side. I thought Body of Song had a good balance of guitars and synthetics. The funny thing that most people don't realize is the amount of synthetics on Copper Blue is equal if not higher than on Body of Song!
Rich should tour with your band again. He adds so much to the sound and performance with the keyboards, especially in Circle of Friends. Agreed on Rich adding great sound and color to the band. He's a great player, a good friend, and he travels well.
off, huge fan of all your music and you've been a big influence on my own playing. However, my question is about when you worked for WCW. What is the craziest/weirdest/most uncomfortable or awkward thing you ever witnessed backstage at a WCW event? Ah, WCW. So many stories I could tell. I remember the night Bret Hart was scripted to do a car stunt. He suffered a concussion (I believe) the night before, so he was already a little touch and go. He did the stunt, but the parking ramp had a thin layer of Texas black ice, so it almost went from stunt to legit disaster. Bret's brother Owen died in the ring 18 months prior, doing an arguably needless stunt. The whole thing made me sick, and I gave my notice on the spot. I ended up going back weeks later after being assured things would be different. Within four months I was gone, and things really went to hell after that. Such was the wrestling business circa 2000.
How did it feel to play Copper Blue then launch into the new materials on your latest tour? I saw you twice and was blown away. Glad you liked the show. Copper Blue is a personal favorite, and the songs are so easy and fun to play. I think the new material holds up really well after playing that album, so that's a thrill for me. We've stepped away from playing Copper Blue start to finish — many of the songs are still in the upcoming set list, but it will be more fun for us to have the flexibility of NOT playing CB end to end every night.
If the Kickstarter campaign falls short of the $95k goal, do we still get the packages we purchased? I really, really want that guitar! That's a good question! I hope we're able to make the goal. It is a costly endeavor, that's for sure. For people who aren't up to date, there's a campaign on Kickstarter to fund the finishing of a film — documentary of a tribute show held last November at Disney Hall in LA.
If you could go to space, which famous person would you bring with you? One non-famous person? Bill Clinton.
Have you ever listened to Mark Kozelek's version of Celebrated Summer? What did you think of it? I have. It's so different and great. Mark is a good one.
How do you feel about Ryan Adams? Super talented, prolific beyond belief, sweet and funny guy. He will be writing songs for life.
I can remember listening to "see a little light" in my room for hours on end. You were my first favorite artist. Will you be releasing anything new in the near future? 2012 has been bonkers busy. I haven't started writing any new music. I am having a blast on the road, but I can't wait to get home (SF) and settle in to another writing spell.
Wow! I got one of your Kickstarter packages for Xmas, really excited to get it all. Silver Age is blinding, keep it up. Link to
I was wondering, if anything, what you learned from returning to Copper Blue? I saw you perform it in London earlier this year with Cloud Nothings supporting, was an incredible show. Thanks for ordering! Here's hoping we make the goal. Returning to Copper Blue — it started in my head in late 2010 while working on the autobiography. I was planning the 20 year reissues (for 2012) and thought the short loud pop style would be a good place to resume my music writing once the book was completed. Hope this helps!
Did you tried to write more complex music, like using many time signatures in one song or maybe even you wrote any classical piece? I tried writing classical pieces. It's fun but unnatural for me. Time sigs, not as much. Some of the HD stuff had odd sigs, but it's not my thing. I'm a rhythm guitarist by trade, so I keep it pretty even — twos, fours, eights. It's a Libran trait as well.
I read your autobiography and loved it. Are you still interested in Catholicism, or attend Catholic masses? The last time I saw my mom (a few months ago) I took her to Mass. Otherwise I haven't been in a few years. The current pope makes it hard for me to get behind Mass. The church has lots of well-documented problems, but there are good people sharing stories in those places. It's still a real source of conflict for me. Not going right now, though. Thanks for asking.
Your style of guitar playing is so unique and awesome to watch. What are some of your favorite guitar players and where do you think the style of your live playing came from? Looking forward to the DVD and Silver Age is an incredible album! Johnny Ramone, Johnny Thunders, Richard Thompson. Pete Townshend, Roger McGuinn, Jimi Hendrix. Many more, but those are the main ones.
Bob! Glad to have you! I bought your new album and was wondering what is your favorite track off it? It's different every day. Fugue State, especially the chorus, sticks in my head a lot. The Descent is stupid catchy, I usually have to listen to something else to erase it from my infinite jukebox brain area.
Bob, Keep Believing is just great - can you detail the call-outs you folded into the lyrics? It's so fun to try and tease them out but I've reached the end of my knowledge! Just answered that elsewhere in this IAmA. Thanks!
, Thank you Thank you Thank you!! for all these years of fantastic music; I don't know what I would have done with it. Second, what was your parents' reaction to your memoir? They enjoyed it, but we didn't talk much about it. No surprise there.
Hi Bob. Fellow bear here. ;-) Grr, woof and all that crap... What do you feel is your greatest moment, musically? Same question, but non-musically. Come and play South Florida!!! Grrr and all that. The Disney Hall tribute show was amazing. The first time I stepped on the stage at Carnegie Hall was amazing. DJ'ing in the UK for 65,000 Foo Fighters fans, and them enjoying it immensely, was amazing. There's been so many cool things, and many of them are small moments that don't make an impression until years later. Writing the book jogged lots of little moments.
Question regarding your contributions to Wasting Light. Was is really as relaxed recording the album as the Back & Forth DVD made it look? Yes. I was nervous about doing a good job with the vocals, but working with Butch made it easy. Otherwise we were just making music, which is what we do. It's easy if you know what you're doing, or more specifically,if you know what's expected of you.
Hi Bob, long-time fan here, and I was thrilled to see this. Which of your songs do you enjoy playing live the most? Thanks, and keep the great music coming! Hoover Dam, Makes No Sense, Wishing Well — all pretty easy to play for different reasons. If songs are on the set list, I love playing them! Some songs I love but are difficult to play "right", especially during fast and furious rock shows (like the current shows).
Did you have a blast at Delunafest? It looked like you did - despite the heat! DeLuna was a crazy 45 minutes. The heat, the dragonflies on my microphone, a blown amp — lots of surprises!
Bob, Your music in the late 80's and early 90's is what got me into being a college DJ. "Dying From the Inside Out" with you/Golden Palominos is still on my "Most Played" list on my iPod. Thank you for being so awesome. My question; "Sunspots" is this nice melodic interlude in the middle of "Workbook". What was the idea behind having this small little instrumental nugget in the middle of such a songwriting tour-de-force? It was actually the opener for Workbook. I thought it would be nice to start out with something completely different from the previous eight years of my music life. That riff fell out of the sky, it wouldn't turn itself into a proper song, so I used it "as is" three times around.
Bob - any chance you might be willing to keep "Fortune Teller" in your set during the Silver Age touring? That was always one of my favorite songs from Copper Blue, and it was always a surprise to me that Sugar only played it once. I know! only once. I totally dig it now, mainly because I'm writing so many songs in F# (capo at fret 2). It fits right in.
Do you still own your Ibanez Flying V? Yes.
Saw you in Philly at the Foo Fighters concert - loved your collaboration with them on their most recent album. Given that I am a Husker Du fan from the Eighties, I'm interested to hear how you feel about being involved with them in the 2010's. I was a Nirvana fan. We played shows together in 1991. I was a Foo Fighters fan. Nothing Left To lose got me through a bunch of road trips in 1999. Dave and I formally met in DC and we hit it off. I was honored to be asked to help out with Dear Rosemary. It was great to see Butch Vig as well, we worked on a Tar Babies EP at Smart Studios in Madison in 1984 or so! And to meet Pat Smear — I adored the Germs. I didn't think they would ask me to tour with them, nor did I anticipate the amount of kindness Dave and the entire Foos family would share with me. Great band, class act all the way around. I am very grateful.
That's a good question! I hope we're able to make the goal. It is a costly endeavor, that's for sure. For people who aren't up to date, there's a campaign on Kickstarter to fund the finishing of a film — documentary of a tribute show held last November at Disney Hall in LA. Speaking of, here's what it will look like...
Link to
This is a finished cut of Dave Grohl and us three playing "Ice Cold Ice". This was one of Dave's picks for the evening!
I've considered making love to your voice. Just thought you should know that. My voice can be unreliable on the road. Just a heads up on that one.
Just answered that elsewhere in this IAmA. Thanks! In order: Byrds, Beatles, Who, Cheap Trick. KISS, J Thunders, Suicide Commandos. Ramones, Joy Division, Germs, REM. Minutemen, Pixies, Nirvana, then a mashup of HD and My Bloody Valentine. And the "never lose that feeling" is a nod to Swervedriver.
I would love to see Bob and the band play the Granada in Dallas. I mentioned a bunch of bands I'm currently into earlier in the chat. Favorite towns: so many. Austin, Chicago, Portland OR, NYC, Amsterdam, Berlin. Both for playing and hanging. Hoping for at least an Austin show in the spring, maybe Dallas too!
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